XP 2015



The Extraordinary Performance Program recognizes the exceptional behavior and actions of Team Members both hourly and salaried, who contribute to achieving the Pacific Dental Services' Mission.


  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Team Excellence
  • Operational or Financial Performance
  • Contributes to the Perfect Patient Experience
  • Sets up fellow Team Members for ideal performance
  • Extends the PPE beyond their normal job requirements
  • Promotes career development for self and others
  • Participates in reward and recognition of fellow Team Members
  • Develops and displays appropriate leadership skills
  • Supports growth and innovation
  • Promotes efficient internal processes
  • Generates revenue through job performance
  • Effectively executes processes


  • Celebrates special occasions with Patients and Team Members
  • Customizes service for Patients and fellow Team Members
  • Demonstrates a "can-do" approach through proactive service gestures
  • Actively solicits feedback on performance
  • Implements personal improvement changes
  • Shares new job knowledge with fellow Team Members
  • Generates solutions to concerns or problems
  • Mentors new Team Members on the job
  • Models safe work behavior to encourage the behavior in others
  • Accurately conducts business transactions
  • Completes paperwork for processing items
  • Maintains accurate records of transactions

The Extraordinary Performance Award evaluation and selection processes are designed to ensure that the program uses fair and consistent selection standards, as well as maintains the integrity of the award.


Pam Hosier Kyle Guerin Rachael Parker
P: 714-845-8760
E: hosierp@pacden.com
P: 714-845-8745
E: guerink@pacden.com
P: 714-845-8746
E: parkerr@pacden.com